Divorce Coach – Co-Parenting Coach – Divorce Healing

I am a divorce coach and family mediator who guides parents, co-parents, blended families. Answering a lifelong calling to heal I use my intuitive skills and formal training a family mediator, working with hundreds of people like you, whether married, unmarried, domestic partners or same-sex parents. I have a deep understanding and love of authentic communication, self-development and how to do what’s best for children during a divorce.

Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaching, divorce help for dad, divorce help for mom
  • My experience will give you honesty about the places that you need to grow in order to finishing a divorce outside the legal system
  • As your divorce coach I will guide you through a flexible, goal-oriented process designed to support, and motivate you as you are going through a divorce.
  • I offer my experience to people make so they can make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their interests, needs, and concerns.

“Time heals, and experience teaches that the secret of happiness is in service to others.”

– Charlie Chaplin

Co-Parenting Coaching

co-parenting coaching, divorce help for mom, divorce help for dad
  • Need to improve the communication with your co-parent?
  • Is there an issue that is not being resolved, something nagging at someone one or someone’s anger is about to boil over?
  • Is it time to address an issue before it escalates into more?

‘My child isn’t my easel to paint on. Nor my diamond to polish. My child isn’t my trophy to share with the world. Nor my badge of honor. My child isn’t an idea, an expectation, or a fantasy. Nor my reflection or legacy. My child isn’t my puppet or a project. nor my striving or desire. My child is here to fumble, stumble, try and cry. Learn and mess up. Fail and try again. Listen to the beat of a drum faint to our adult ears….And dance to a song that revels in freedom. My task is to step aside. Stay in infinite possibility. Heal my own wound. Fill my own bucket. And let my child fly’

– Shefali Tsabary

Divorce Healing

Levi McMahon Divorce Coach Co-Parenting Coach Divorce Mediation

Divorce is arguably one of the hardest, emotionally draining, costly and confusing thing anyone goes through.

Undoing the hurt that is brought to us before, during and after can take months, years even a lifetime to understand.

I work with people to explore this deeper and to restore the balance in their lives and their loved ones.

Work with Levi McMahon

As your divorce coach, I will listen and am someone you can easily talk with. I fully understands the in and outs of a divorce. Drawing from my own personal experience, professional training and background I get what people are experiencing and how to help them with whatever they need.

Levi McMahon – Divorce Coach – Co-Parent Coach – Mediator

Why I work with people during divorce?

What people say about working with Levi McMahon

As a divorce coach, Levi is consistently a resource for thoughtful listening and guidance. His feedback is non-judgmental and invaluable as a source of clarity during times of duress and confusion. Being able to access Levi to speak freely and openly about personal challenges consistently proved as a vital outlet for managing, and often resolving, internal strife and conflict.

Andy P.

After the first phone call with Levi, I knew I was going to work with him, even if it was just for myself. He has a calming energy, listened patiently to my story and everything he said to me about my situation rang true. I appreciated his honesty with me about the places that I needed to grow and how I could get closer to finishing my parenting plan outside the legal system.

April H.

Having the ability to speak with someone who will offer a clear pathway to healing and lucidness by relating and drawing from their own experiences is an indispensable benefit which Levi provides.

Beth B.

My divorce situation had gone on almost 2 years and was extremely high conflict. Levi was able to bring us together to mediate something no one else had been able to do. We were able to complete our plan and not go to a final court hearing! Even though our work with the parenting plan is done, I consider Levi a resource for future divorce healing or co-parent mediation. 

Emmy T.

“Thank you for your help today re: parenting plan for my kiddos. It’s not an easy job you have and I appreciate your honesty, professionalism and the way you handled the situation. Have a nice week and take care! Best, Amy”

Amy J.
Photography by Sinna Renee