About Levi McMahon

Divorce Coaching – Consulting – Certified Family Mediator

My background, training and experience are unmatched. I approach everyone holistically, honoring their past physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects are all apart of the loss one feels from divorce. My role has been to guide and support hundreds of people like you in acknowledging these all play a role in the divorce as well as provide moving past it. I offer a high level of awareness, empathy and compassion to those I work with before, during or after divorce.

Levi McMahon

Levi McMahon Divorce Coaching, Consulting, Healing

I am listener and a talker. All throughout my life people have sought me out to talk and work out their worries and troubles. I have called upon many times to work with those going through a divorce. I finally listened.

Being able to talk and work people through difficulty is a natural place for me. It stems from a lifetime of experience and my ability to provide space for others during serious or difficult times. There is no greater reward for me than meeting people where they are, listening, then using creativity, imagination, conviction and intention to bring balance back into their life.

Answering a lifelong calling to heal I use my intuitive skills and formal training a family mediator, working with hundreds of people like you, whether married, unmarried, domestic partners or same-sex parents. I have a deep understanding and love of authentic communication, self-development and how to do what’s best for children during a divorce. As a life long learner as well as a teacher with thousands of hours of instruction both given and taken.

My Story

I am the Dad of two amazing thriving middle school age girls, despite their parent’s high-conflict divorce. I took it upon myself to learn and practice all that I could so “they and I would be okay”. More importantly to ensure I was doing the best thing possible for my children. Now I am sharing this with others, hopefully avoiding some of the same pitfalls while managing your way through a divorce. I’ve chosen this work and believe doing what is called to you can inspire and awaken the hearts of others.

My divorce story includes having a family court decide the outcome of the divorce and parenting plan. I also have the first-hand experience of what a high conflict divorce has on a family. Like many, when getting divorced I had no idea what I was in for. After years of litigation, huge stress and large expenses of time and money, nothing changed. The ruling made by the court at the beginning stayed the same years later. I can speak from the legal experience and the personal side the emotional toll litigation takes on families.

My personal experience of a high-conflict divorce taught me the best thing you can do for your children is to invest in your self, learn new ways to reduce conflict and communicate. This will help you manage your stress and emotions during a difficult family and personal change.

Talk with Levi – Free Divorce Consultation

Conflict during a divorce doesn’t have to reach a high level before a call to a professional can help. Divorce coaching will increase communication and reduce chances for costly escalation. Better serving you and your children over time.

Top Three Divorce Coaching Topics

  1. What is negotiable and what is not negotiable to me during this divorce
  2. How do I create my new normal and new traditions while let go of past ones
  3. Building and maintaining a healthy support network and healthy boundaries

Training and Experience

  • Certified Family Mediator
  • New Ways for Families – High Conflict Institute Training and Licensed Provider
  • Family Mediation Training Coach & Trainer
  • Certificate in Clinical Psychology – WellSpring Family Services
  • Master’s Degree – Seattle Pacific University

My first passion was general and business aviation. I couldn’t shake the entrepreneurial bug starting to study and practice leadership and management consulting with small and medium-sized business in a wide variety of industries.