Divorce Services

My divorce services include coaching, consulting and healing. I am someone who really listens, someone, you can easily talk with, I fully understand the in and outs of a divorce. Drawing from my own personal experience, professional training and background I get what people are experiencing and how to help with whatever they need.

I am the Dad of two thriving middle school age girls who have been living in two homes most of their life. I understand all the changes divorce brings for a family. The changes and emotions can be overwhelming even for the strongest willed.

Top Three Divorce Service Topics

  1. What is negotiable and what is not negotiable to me during this divorce
  2. How do I create my new normal and new traditions while let go of past ones
  3. Building and maintaining a healthy support network and healthy boundaries
Divorce Services
Divorce Services – Divorce Coaching – Co-Parenting Coaching – Family Mediation

Divorce Coaching

Divorce coaching is flexible, a goal-oriented process designed to support, motivate and guide people going through a divorce to help them make the best possible decisions for their future, based on their particular interests, needs, and concerns.

  • Confidential one to one phone calls, email, in person & online communications
  • Divorce strategy, options, & problem-solving techniques
  • Communication tips, tricks & ideas
  • How to work with difficult, high conflict people
  • Importance of building a healthy support network
  • Self-care and the importance of staying grounded
  • Plan and Prepare for filing for divorce, court hearings any legal work needed
  • Explain and avoid pitfalls of the legal system
  • How to choose the right kind of legal advice
  • Save money on attorneys fees

Divorce coaching is 2 – 5 appointments that are typically 90 minutes long. They can be scheduled back to back when need.

Co-Parenting Coaching

Would you like to improve the communication between you and family? Is there an issue that is not being resolved, something nagging at someone one or someone’s anger is about to boil over? It’s time to address before it escalates into more.

  • Resolve issues in your parenting plan
  • Learn to improve your communication skills
  • Reduce Conflict between divorced home
  • Improve the lives of your children and your own
  • Plan, Prepare and Communicate with the the other parent
  • Save time and money vs court hearings and attorneys fees

Co-Parenting coaching is 2 – 5 appointments that are typically 90 minutes long. They can be scheduled back to back when need.

Divorce Healing

Divorce can be one of the most challenging, draining, confusing and difficult thing any human goes through. Undoing the hurt that is brought to us before, during and after can take months, years even lifetimes to understand.

Divorce Healing is for those who are willing to dig a little deeper to restore the balance in their lives and their loved ones. Working with Levi McMahon for three to six months to undo the hurt, restoring a happy, satisfied person that is thriving beyond the challenges faced when getting divorced.

Who uses your divorce services and why?

People work with me in all phases of divorce. Those who are just starting to think about it, in the middle, near the end, after and long after a divorce. They are looking for someone to talk to that knows what they are going through and will be able to give them the objective support that they need.

Those that are going through a divorce choose me as a coach to prepare them for the different steps of going through a divorce. Planning, preparation and communication can make a significant difference in how long and how costly a divorce takes. Divorce coaching includes taking the time to understand how the legal system works, the jargon, schedule, timelines and how it affects you and your family. I have 10 plus years of personal experience in the family court, extensive training, and mediation experience as a certified family mediator.

My divorce services offer you an unmatched experience, a guarantee to communicate more effectively, making the best use of your time and saving you money.

Divorce services often begin with one parent and sometimes I work with both parents. It depends on what each person needs, their goals and their families interest.

I am a certified family mediator, mediation is available as divorce service. More information about mediation and how to schedule can be found by clicking here.

Start Undoing the Hurt in your Divorce